Patagonia Cuisine, the world's best culinary book

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For the first time ever Chile has won the international competition that highlights the best culinary books of the world.  This year, the book Patagonia Cuisine published by Gourmet Patagonia was awarded the best culinary book of the year by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.
This annual competition, which was held at the Theatre Les Folies Bergere of Paris, involves more than 30.000 books from 163 countries. This award makes Chile the second Latin American country to obtain this important recognition. In 2008, Peru won the same award with a book by chef Gastón Acurio.
Francisco Fantini, chief editor of Gourmet Patagonia, said in a press release that for him the award will be a way to help spread knowledge about Patagonia and at the same time contribute to the region's protection. “It’s very important that the world understands that Patagonia is a natural heritage that belongs to all of mankind. The Patagonia Cuisine book is the result of passionate research that we decided to express in the form of an art book. Fortunately, more and more people are interested in traveling to Patagonia and enjoy the healthy experience that offers its cuisine,” said Fantini, who is also a Chilean journalist.
Gourmet Patagonia also states that it is a proud part of the social movement that has flourished in Chile to make the country a fairer and more committed place for environmental protection. The team of young professionals add that they believe strongly in the sustainable development of natural resources. “We are part of a global generation that works for a smart development of cultures,” said Fantini. 
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