New film from The North Face on ski mountaineering at San Lorenzo


Just released, "Mañana Sale el Sol," a short film from The North Face about a ski mountaineering expedition last year to Mount San Lorenzo in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. 

At about 3,706 meters above sea level, San Lorenzo, also called Cochrane by some in Chile, is one of the highest mountains in Patagonia. This expedition was done by six Chilean experts in ski mountaineering: Alvaro Zunino, Adolfo Santa Maria, Cristian Anguita, Vicente Fernandez, and Juan Luis de Heeckeren and Claudio Vicuña, who photographed and recorded this spectacular expedition. "The difficult part of this expedition was not the technical aspects, but the complicated weather conditions, because this mountain is located right between the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields and Northern Patagonian Ice Fields, which is very exposed," said Claudio Vicuña, who shot the video.