Patagonia Avalancha en el Volcán finishes with new record

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Patagonia Chile - Waking up on the slopes of the mountain, taking the team prepared the night before, to begin the ascent to the summit of Quetrupillán volcano dreaming of glory of making the fastest descent in Patagonia Avalanche en el Volcan was the feeling that reigned at 6:30 a.m. on the morning of September 17.
More than 40 riders started the adventure at the top of the massif, after a hike up of more than 7 hours. But that is just where the race begins. 
With a fresh September snow, the descent started with the women's ski category, followed each minute by the rest of the participants. Conquering a volcano, and setting a record was the challenge this year, with the winner being José Bonet.
In the women's snowboard category third place went t María Jesús Chicharro, second to Micaela Tricio with Isidora Assler winning first place with a time of 4:59.  In the women's ski category third place was Nina Blersch, Cynthia Johnson won second place, and the winner was Valentina Carballo with a time of 4:57.  In the men's snowboard category Tim Mapoles finished third, Joaquín Fischer finished second and Patricio Mekis won first place witha time of  4:18. 
In the men's ski category third place was Thomas Nunes, second Vincent Benoit and first place went to Jose Bonet with a time of 3:12, setting the record for Avalancha en  el Volcán 2015. In the senior's category the winner was Ivan Echeverría.  
Avalancha en el Volcán 2015 was a great success, and we're already thinking about next year's race, dreaming of new challenges on other volcanoes in Chile. Don't miss news about next year's event in the winter of 2016!
Below more photos from the event: