Issue 11 - Climate Change in Patagonia

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Increasing research in the Patagonia region appears to show that climate change has already arrived: are we about to expedite devastating changes to Patagonia’s natural treasures? Its one of the questions we examine in this edition of Patagon Journal. Our special section about climate change was made possible in part with the support of a grant from the Earth Journalism Network, an organization with 8,000 members from 120 countries.

The diverse other stories in Issue 11 include an extensive interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, Inc. and accomplished mountaineer, surfer and fly fisherman. A professed “doombat” about our planet’s future, Chouinard has transformed his tremendously successful company into an environmental leader. There are also stories about the inspiring NOLS outdoor education programChile’s salmon farming crisis; a look back at skiing during the 1930s in Villa la Angostura, Argentina; a photo essay of fall in the Araucania region; 10 noteworthy sustainable tourism initiatives; and much more. 

The mission of Patagon Journal is to build a greater understanding, appreciation and environmental protection of the world’s last wild places, Patagonia in particular. Please consider supporting us as a subscribersponsor or donor

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