Issue 19 - Epic Treks in Patagonia

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The new edition of Patagon Journal holds 104 pages of brilliant photography and great writing about trekking, the environment, photography, surfing, climbing, fly fishing, travel and more in Patagonia and the world’s last wild places.
Our lead story this issue, a 22-page feature by Lonely Planet guidebook writer Carolyn McCarthy highlighting 20 of our favorite treks in Patagonia. Adventure photography phenom Chris Burkardcontributes a 13-page photo essay with impressive images from his worldwide travels to wild places. Cristobal Perez reminds us that Patagonia still has room for discovery in his story about a surfing expedition to the Taitao Peninsula on the Aysen coast. And the Aysen region may have dodged big dams for now, but our report about the current conflict over mining ventures in Aysen reveals an environmental threat just as concerning, and local citizenry are rightly in revolt.  

Also in Issue 19Zoe Baillargeon writes about the growing trend of Chilean women climbing peaks, scaling boulders and summiting mountains as their favorite pastime. Diego Meier contributes convincing text and gorgeous photos of the oft overlooked nature and rural travel destinations in Chile’s Osorno province. We have stories about Penguin Island in southern Argentina, gastronomy in Puerto Natales, a healthy dose of environmental news in our Currents section, and recommended reading material for your fly fishing trips this season. 
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