Cervecería Kunstmann: From Chilean Patagonia to the world

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The history of Kunstmann Brewery began as a family desire. In 1989, Armin Kunstmann decided to revive the craft brewing industry in Valdivia, which was destroyed by the Great Earthquake of 1960. With the help of his wife Patricia Ramos, and their children, he created the first Kunstmann Lager and the success of that first creation led to the eventual birth of their beer plant in 1997 in the Torobayo area of Valdivia.
Since then, Kunstmann Brewery has grown to become one of the leading craft beers in Chile, making 16 different varieties and constantly experimenting with new flavors. “The essence of a true brewer is the desire to create new varieties,” Armin once said. “The only limit is imagination.” That entrepreneurial spirit lives on at Kunstmann in projects like the “Hops Patio,” where fruit is grown for new experimental varieties.


Today, visitors can learn about the history of the brewery, the manufacturing process, and more on brewery tours, as well as enjoy the refreshing Kunstmann beers and hearty food at La Cerveceria Restaurant; and attend Bierfest Kunstmann, the largest beer festival in southern Chile. The Kunstmann family welcomes everyone eager to learn more about our craft brewing, inspired by the lands and flavors of Chilean Patagonia.