Barraco Lodge

Jaime and Marcela, inspired by the awesome nature they discovered while sailing up the Puelo River in Northern Patagonia, decided to share the astonishing beauty of this world with nature and adventure lovers in the world, intending to rescue this beauty from undergoing its destruction in the hands of blind business and so-called development. Its scenic beauty, its pristine waters, its untouched forests gave a new meaning to their life, Barraco Lodge becoming their life project, made available today to those who need to find a refuge, taking them back to the origins and simplicity.
An expert aircraft and helicopter pilot, Jaime had flown over the Tagua Tagua lake basin, and had always admired its profound scenic beauty, taking note of the relative proximity of this part of Patagonia with respect to relevant population centers in southern Chile.
The lodge was born from the need for a home base offering heart felt hospitality to discerning world travelers seeking authentic travel experiences, with service and quality bred from kindness, generosity and good will.
Intended to offer people from all over the world a share of Chilean Patagonia to take back with them, and to cherish it for what it is, one of the most beautiful places left on the planet as nature pretended.
Rio Barraco, Lago Tagua Tagua, Puelo, Region de los Lagos, Chile, 5550000
56 9 6830 8111
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