Photo safari in the southern seas

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The cameras are the protagonists on this trip onboard the Forrest. It's eight days of navigating through the Patagonian and Fuegian channels, where each trip is different from the last. Changes in season, light, weather and even the groups' interests can make each trip unique. 

Being a professional photographer is not a requirement! This is a trip for anyone who enjoys nature, contemplation and traveling without rushing.

Everyday includes disembarking onto zodiacs, kayaks or to hike.  

Each time the weather permits, the spirit of the trip shines through: to explore untouched seas and lands.

The whales are the trip's big hit. The photosafari visits Francisco Coloane Marine Park, the only place in the southern hemisphere outside Antarctica where humpback whales feed.

The ship is 28 meters long, and though not a luxurious craft, it is very comfortable, the food is excellent and the crew takes care of each and every detail to ensure an uninterrupted adventure.

The channels are ideal for birdwatching: we saw Magellanic pinguins, black-browed albatrosses, petrels, skúas, kingfishers, falcons and condors, among others. 

Among the marine mammals to see are the humpback whale, the austral dolphin, sea lions, leopard seals and elephant seals.

One of the highlights of the trip is using the main boat as a "mothership" to explore the area by kayak.

Along the journey one can see glaciars and imposing mountains, and their reflections on the water when the wind dies down.

-- by Evelyn Pfeiffer
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