Photo Contest: Now, vote!

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After two months, our 1st Patagonia Photo Contest has now come to a close. What an incredible, wonderful array of images…we were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of photos we received.  More than 750 photos from over 350 participants, both professional and amateur photographers, were contributed from all over the world. A big thank you to everyone who has participated! 
In the days ahead, the Patagon Journal crew will be selecting a first and second place winner in the following categories:
  • ·            Nature: wildlife; trees and plants; landscapes

  • ·            Environmentenvironmental dilemmas

  • ·            Travel & Culture: images that reflect the region's unique history, culture and heritage. Images that capture a sense of place, showing the spirit and essence of Patagonia.

  • ·            Outdoor sports: people enjoying the great outdoors, such as fly fishing, climbing, trekking, biking, kayaking, and other diverse sports or activities.
Meantime, now is your chance to tell us which photos you think are the best. We invite you to view the complete gallery of contest photos on our website, and hit the Facebook "Like" button below your favorite images, and if you’d like, leave any comments. Recruit your friends to do the same. The three photos in the website gallery with the most "Likes" by Feb. 23 will receive a "Reader's Choice Award."
We will contact winning photographers by email or phone. We will announce to the public all of the official winners and honorable mentions during the first week of March prior to the launch of the Patagonia Photo Contest Exposition at Mall Sport in Santiago.
Till then, enjoy the photos, and we look forward to your votes.