Issue 9 - Adventure Travel Issue

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Presenting the Adventure Travel Issue, a special, 100-page edition we have published in part for the Adventure Travel World Summit this week in Puerto Varas, Chile.  For the cover story on the 25 best adventure trips in Chile, we were fortunate to have the help of Wayne Bernhardson, who has been writing guidebooks about Chile for Lonely Planet, then Moon, since the early 1990s, and Gabriel O’Rorke, a British journalist based out of Santiago who writes for some of the world’s leading travel magazines. We sought to identify the most extraordinary, high quality trips. Still, it’s just a small sample of the many amazing travel possibilities found along Chile’s incredibly long and diverse landscape.
We’re also honored to include in this edition an article from Peter Fox, who writes about his experience as part of the historic first rafting expedition on the Futaleufu River, including vintage photos from the 1985 journey. Authentic Chilean fly fishing legend Adrian Dufflocq contributes a story about fly fishing at the new Futangue Park; there are special sections on the Adventure Travel Summit and Puerto Varas; and don’t miss our exclusive interview with Sylvia Metzeltin, one of the great climbers in Patagonia mountaineering history.
The magazine is already on its way to subscribers, newsstands and stores. For our readers in the United States, we’re pleased to let you know that you can now find Patagon Journal at more than 40 independent bookstores, from New York City to California. Check out the complete, and growing, list here. To subscribe, look here.


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