Issue 13 - National Parks

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In our fifth anniversary issue, we feature a special section about national parks and, as always, diverse other articles on 100 pages about nature and the environment, culture, travel and outdoor sports in Patagonia and the world’s last wild places.
Author and conservationist Tom Butler starts off this edition with an important article about how and why Chile, Argentina and other countries ought to expand their parkland if we are to have a sustainable future. “The diversity of life on Earth is plummeting,” writes Butler, and “the medicine for healing nature is to save lots more habitat—at least half of the planet’s land and oceans in interconnected systems of protected areas.”
Elsewhere in the new edition, veteran travel guide writer Wayne Bernhardson gives us five ways to travel Patagonia’s 34 national parks. Clara Ribera and photographer Jean Paul de la Harpe show us the wonders of Chile’s crown jewel park Torres del Paine. We have an interview with Kris Tompkins, who is continuing the incredible initiatives of the Tompkins Conservation organization with devotion and great success. In a 12-page photo essay, National Geographic photographer Peter Essick shows us how photography can help combat the global eco-crisis. Our travel section features articles on stand up paddle in Patagonia. There is Tomas Moggia’s in-depth profile of Coyhaique’s Moises Jimenez, whose 24/7 dedication to trail running has quickly led him to the top rung of the sport, and much more.

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