Issue 17 - In the Footsteps of the Puma

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The puma is the apex predator - the king - of Patagonian wilderness. Still, overgrazing and hunting nearly wiped out this majestic feline from most of its native habitat across the region. Now, over the past three decades, like the mountain lions of North America, this once threatened species is making a comeback. Jim Williams, author of a new book on pumas and wildlife program manager for Montana, writes about Conservación Patagonica and their work researching and conserving pumas in Patagonia National Park in Chile and in an interview with Patagon Journal also discusses lessons learnt and the challenges ahead in the effort to protect this species.

In Issue 17, we also report on the extraordinary geography of Madre de Dios Island, one of the last truly pristine natural places in Patagonia and in need of greater protection. New Zealand sailor Greg Landreth takes us on a trip to look for fossils along the southern Aysen coast with a team of Chilean paleontologists. Maria Constanza Orellana writes about summiting Huayna Potosí in Bolivia’s Cordillera Real, a paradise for mountaineering. And we have a gorgeous photo essay from Linde Waidhofer showing the cacophony of colors during the fall season in Patagonia, a story from Zoe Baillargeon about traveling in the Araucania region, Stephanie Stefanski writes about trekking the Huemul Circuit in Los Glaciares National Park and so much more!

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