Issue 18 -Native Forests

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The tremendous photo of alerce trees on the cover of Issue 18, which was taken by legendary photographer Galen Rowell at Alerce Andino National Park, is a beautiful sample of the many natural treasures found in Chile’s native forests. Yet, while we have seen some major advances over the past two decades in conserving those forests, in this issue's cover story Patagon Journal executive editor Jimmy Langman shows how the Chilean forest is still under considerable threat. In addition, Bastián Oñate and Sofía Navarro report on the illegal logging of the alerce, the world’s second-oldest living tree species. We have a profile about Rick Klein, one of Chile’s unsung environmental heroes who is responsible for saving countless acreage of forests. Malu Sierra reminds us why tree plantations are definitely not forests. And forestry scientist Alex Fajardo writes on how to restore Chilean forests.

Also in this editionZoe Baillargeon takes us on a tour of the Chiloé Archipelago, whose peaceful landscapes, stunning nature, and fascinating culture make it one of the world’s best travel destinations. Danish fly fishing correspondent Rasmus Ovesen gives us an inside look at the giant, chrome-colored trout to be enjoyed at Jurassic Lake in Argentine Patagonia. Tomás Moggia checks in with a story about packrafting in the Patagonian Ice Fields. Jean Paul de la Harpe contributes a stunning nature photo essay. Wayne Bernhardson tells us the best places to go trekking among araucaria trees. Raul Castro of NOLS Patagonia explains the “leave no trace” principles. Peter Hartmann helps us pay tribute to Antonio Horvath, the Chilean senator who passed away in May after a lifetime of devotion to Patagonia. And there is so much more!
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