Fungi in Tierra del Fuego

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By Veronica Lopez
I arrived in Tierra del Fuego the last week of March, in the middle of autumn, and the truth is that I have never seen so much fungus together. I had the opportunity to visit a little bit of Karukinka and Yendegaia (I say a little bit because both are huge) and stay in a cabin at Estancia "Lago Fagnano", owned by don German Genkowski.

 Although the whole south of our country has a great variety of mushrooms, what could differentiate Tierra del Fuego is that its soil is literally full of plants, mosses, lichens and fungi that make it a mantle covered with details that are a delight to the eye.
Here I share some of my Fungus records. In the photos you can see fungi that grow in mycorrhizal association with Nothofagus, all the Cortinarius sp and Ramaria patagonica, wood decomposing fungi like Favolaschia antartica , Nidula sp ,Hydropus dusenni and Bisporella citrina, and fungi that grow on plant debris or forest soil such as Entoloma necopinatum, Coprinopsis atramentaria and Inocybe, also Aleuria aurantia, which usually grows on roadsides and forest clearings.