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Photo: Pablo BesserPhoto: Pablo Besser


This magazine was founded in 2011 during an era of HidroAysen and big hydroelectric dam threats to what was, at that time, a mostly undervalued Patagonia region for Chile and Argentina. Our mission since has served as a response: build a greater appreciation, understanding and environmental protection of Patagonia and the world’s last wild places. As we near our 10th anniversary in December, we're looking closely at how we can further our mission and improve our content and distribution in new and more effective ways for the years ahead. To that end, a group of MBA students at the UCLA Anderson School of Management are assisting Patagon Journal with developing a strategic plan. We would appreciate greatly if you can complete their survey at the following link: https://bit.ly/3u9SAh5.

Fill out the survey as soon as you can: we're raffling 5 Amazon.com gift cards worth US$ 50 each for all those who participate! 



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