Issue 24: Greening Chile

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In our previous issue, our magazine highlighted a positive turn toward locally based, agroecological food systems during the Covid pandemic. Now, there is another new beginning. In July, representatives elected by the Chilean people began convening to craft a new magna carta. This historic constituyente stems from the serious social unrest that preceded the pandemic here, and the country has no choice but to address their popular demands. In Issue 24, we analyze the challenges and opportunities in that debate, and the inspiring rise of a new generation of young environmental leaders. 
Patagon Journal adheres to American writer Edward Abbey’s belief that “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” But the reverse is also an axiom for us: people will only act to conserve, protect, and restore what they love. Hence, this magazine has always celebrated as well the enjoyment of Patagonia – a natural paradise home to incredible opportunities for outdoor sports like rock climbing, trekking and fly fishing. Our cover story shows that the climbing world has still much to discover in Patagonia. 
Patagon Journal provides a unique lens on conserving and restoring the planet. Although it is produced in Patagonia, with its articles often focusing on Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, the magazine is written in both English and Spanish and its mission is to help build an understanding, greater appreciation, and environmental protection of all the world’s last wild places. When we started in 2011, there was no Ladera Sur or any other media outlet in the region stirring the public’s ecological conscience as we have done. And we have attracted a global audience. We are proud of the beautiful work we feature in each edition, but the future demands so much more. In December, Patagon Journal turns 10. We would be grateful for your support by subscribing or donating; help us lay a strong foundation for our next decade. 
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