11 years later: Why we need you

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Issue 1. The first box of Patagon Journal magazines. Issue 1. The first box of Patagon Journal magazines.


Today is the 11th anniversary of Patagon Journal. This is the day when our first issue was printed in Santiago.

In it's early days, Patagon Journal was started to build a greater appreciation and understanding of the tremendous ecological values of the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina while at the same time fight the serious threats to the region’s future, led by the massive HidroAysen hydroelectric project that would have turned Chilean Patagonia into an energy sacrifice zone.
Chronically under-financed, we have always hit well above of our weight. Unfortunately, we did not have – and still don’t have – a wealthy financier or millionaire owner to back us. To get off the ground, we resorted to raising a modest $US 15,000 from the public via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in September 2011.
What we do have are many talented journalists, writers, photographers, environmentalists, climbers, fishermen, travel experts and more. As the leader of this magazine, Jimmy Langman has brought experience to the table having worked as a correspondent for Newsweek magazine and several newspapers. Crafted with care and attention to detail – with paper, design and graphics rivaling magazines coming out of companies many, many times our size – we believe we have proudly put out a good magazine and made a difference.
Now, 11-years-old, we want to retool and strengthen our voice for the major challenges ahead for an even bigger mission: the environmental protection of Patagonia and the world’s last wild places in the context of a global extinction and climate crisis.
Patagon Journal can help lead the way in these uncertain times. We believe there is still space for a magazine like ours that values high quality journalism. In an increasingly digital world where its often difficult to discern fact from fiction, people from bots, authentic journalism from paid publicity or special interest agendas, credible media outlets like Patagon Journal that are fact-based and adhere to established journalistic standards are needed more than ever. But to make all that possible, we need your support.
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