The Patagonian-inspired art photography of Pedro Segura

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"Metamorphosis," from Pedro Segura's The Awakening series. "Metamorphosis," from Pedro Segura's The Awakening series.
By Victoria Traxler
Following the death of a friend in 2019, film director and photographer Pedro Segura left his job in Argentina’s financial sector to pursue his creative passions. Struggling through grief and loss, Seguro went to Patagonia on a journey of personal discovery.
His travels there birthed two photography series completed earlier this year: “El Despertar” (the Awakening), and “Epuyén,” named for the small town of the same name in Argentine Patagonia. For Segura, his spiritual journey in the Patagonian landscape cultivated a direct and deep link between wild places, unbridled nature and his art. 
“[Epuyén] is the closest thing to paradise on Earth,” says Segura. “Virgin nature untouched by man. An ever-vigilant moon. The mountains, imposing, feel close to you. The water of the lakes paralyzed with peace."
Epuyén and Patagonia are also the subject of his third series, “El Lado Oscuro del Agua” (The Dark Side of Water). Described as a life-long project, Segura captures the deep crevices and contrasts of Patagonian waters as a reflection of his own depths of emotion.
“Each image is an encounter with the contrasts and contradictions that surround us, a mirror of humanity itself,” explains Segura. “Through this series, we dive into the depths of feelings, reminding us that just as water flows between light and darkness, we too navigate the turbulent waters of life, seeking our own balance in the vast ocean of existence.”
The photographs will be exhibited beginning next week, September 16 through October 7, at the Abartium Gallery in Barcelona, Spain, and November 16th and 18th at private gallery House of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Below, some images from the exhibition.
"Shadows." Epuyén series."Shadows." Epuyén series.
"Ink reflection." Epuyén series. "Ink reflection." Epuyén series.
"UFO landing." Epuyén series."UFO landing." Epuyén series.
"The revolution." Dark Side of Water series. "The revolution." Dark Side of Water series.
"Black ice." Dark Side of Water series."Black ice." Dark Side of Water series.
"Nirvana." The Awakening series."Nirvana." The Awakening series.
"The Moon room." The Awakening series."The Moon room." The Awakening series.
"Awakening." The Awakening series."Awakening." The Awakening series.

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