An unforgettable journey through nature, culture and gastronomy in Los Lagos, Chile

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Discover the wonders of Puyehue and its hidden treasures
This summer, immerse yourself in the unique beauty of Puyehue, a province in Chile's Los Lagos region that offers a fascinating mix of rural tourism, gastronomic experiences, and breathtaking landscapes. Surrounded by lakes and the magnificent "Valdivian forest,” home to foxes, extraordinary birds like the crested caracara, wild cats called the kodkod, pudú deer, and monitos del monte, Puyehue is known as "El Paraíso" (Paradise). Get ready for an unforgettable vacation!

Explore Puyehue National Park: nature at its best
Puyehue National Park, created in 1941, awaits you with its 107,000 hectares of pure natural beauty, to fully appreciate this treasure of southern Chile. In Anticura, venture into an arborism circuit among the treetops, with hanging bridges, climbing walls and an exciting canopy. In this corner of paradise, nature becomes your adventure playground.

Relax in the Aguas Calientes pools and hot springs: An oasis of relaxation
Located on Route 215, km 84, in Osorno, the Aguas Calientes pools are the ideal destination to recharge your batteries. Enjoy pure and crystalline thermal waters, a gift from the land of Puyehue. A perfect place to relax as a couple and enjoy the tranquility offered by this paradisiacal corner.
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Photo: LosLagos.travelPhoto:

Discover Puyehue for the day: Gastronomy, nature and culture
Embark on a day of rest in the Salto la Olla Island Park, taste the wonderful local gastronomy and explore the aquarium and Lake Puyehue farm. From lake life to the educational farm with mammals and birds, every corner reveals the diversity of the region. Don't miss the opportunity to get to know each town, from Moncopulli to Anticura.

Moncopulli: A unique museum and amazing trails
In Moncopulli, discover the Automuseum with the largest collection of Studebaker automobiles outside the United States. Immerse yourself in a unique family experience, surrounded by trains, model cars and antiques. In Anticura, the "Piedra del Sol (Rock of the Sun),” explore trails with amazing views, staying at Centro Turístico Anticura to rest in mountain cabins and experience the Valdivian rainforest.
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Puerto Octay: nature, history and fusion gastronomy
This town, located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, is a treasure trove of activities for nature and culture lovers. From SUP workshops on the lake to the new waterfront, Puerto Octay invites you to explore its beauty. Do not miss the route of heritage houses and the exquisite German-Mapuche fusion gastronomy, with traditional and innovative dishes always with local ingredients.

Purranque, Río Negro, Osorno, San Pablo and San Juan de la Costa: places with a unique identity
Exploring the diverse towns of Purranque, Río Negro, Osorno, San Pablo and San Juan de la Costa means immersing oneself in a captivating journey that highlights the cultural and natural richness of the region. Each locality, nestled in the provincial beauty, represents a living testimony of deep-rooted traditions and picturesque landscapes. Purranque invites guided trekking experiences in Manquemapu, with authentic interactions with the local people. Río Negro stands out as a bastion of Mapuche textile and culinary heritage, with spinning cooperatives and authentic ancestral dishes. The city of Osorno is positioned as a gastronomic and heritage epicenter, fusing traditional cuisine with its rich history. San Pablo attracts with educational farms and artisan traditions, while San Juan de la Costa offers a coastal paradise with seafood and handicrafts along the ocean, complemented by white sand beaches. Each corner reveals a unique identity, providing visitors with a complete and enriching experience.

Los Lagos region: a complete destination
Luis Hurtado Barros, regional director of Sernatur Los Lagos invites travelers to tour the region and the Osorno province: "Touring our region is a unique adventure and particularly in the province of Osorno, from the mountains to the sea, each place has a unique narrative, with unforgettable experiences linked to its natural and cultural attractions that make the province a tourist destination of multiple experiences. We invite all travelers not to miss the opportunity to explore this treasure of southern Chile."