Baker, Sin Represas (Baker, Without Dams) TRAILER

Editors » 10am - October 23, 2011
The Baker River is Chile's most bountiful river. Its generous lifeline is part of a watershed matrix in the remote Aysen region of Patagonia, continuously fed by its melting ice caps; the planet's third largest body of ice. This precious hydrological resource is under attack by recent proposals to construct massive hydroelectric dams throughout the area. Majestic canyons will be flooded forever, transmission lines will scar 2,450km (1,500mi.) of old growth forests and thousands of native people and animals will be displaced. In the extreme kayaking community this river is coveted for its challenging rapids as well its remote location. Experience the adrenaline of daring kayaker Todd Richey, as he solos class 5+ cataracts in what may be one of the last descents of the Baker River Gorge, without dams.
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