Dramatic Retreat of the Jorge Montt Glacier, Patagonia.

Editors » 7pm - December 8, 2011
A new study of the Patagonia Icefields in South America by NASA and Chile's Centro de Estudios Cientificos concludes the icefields—the largest non-Antarctic ice masses in the Southern Hemisphere—are thinning at an accelerating pace, faster than other areas on the planet. The runoff from these melting icefields is contributing to an ongoing rise in global sea level. music by markus pitzer The first animation was presented by glaciologist and CECs researcher Andrés Rivera, who focused his investigation on changes in the glacier between February 2010 and January 2011. Using a series of 1,445 photos taken throughout this period, scientists found that the glacier shrank roughly 82 feet each day, receding more than half a mile in the course of the year. The second animation depict the thinning of Jorge Montt Glacier, in the northern part of the Southern Patagonia Icefield, South America. The color bands in the images represent contour intervals. Each complete color band (ranging from dark to light) represents 100 meters of elevation, starting with purple, which represents sea level.
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