"The Siphon"

Editors » 10pm - September 2, 2014

The Siphon of Pucon is a retentive force of massive proportion. Epic paddling, Beautiful Scenery, Night Life, and yes...The big white Volcano! For the past 8 years I have continuously been pulled back into The Siphon mercilessly. Once you are able to break free of this powerful force and explore the rest of Patagonia you will be rewarded with -> The Tour de Stout...Back to Back to Back -> River to River you go carelessly running the brown and getting SUBSTANTIAL! Enjoy on one the best Seasons Chile has blessed us with and relive some of the craziest moments we have ever captured on film.
Shot by: Evan Garcia, Ryan Lucas, Aniol Serrasolses.
Edit: Evan Garcia
Rating: 2.7 (753 Votes)

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