Onda Vaga: The Patagonia climbing season is coming..

Editors » 10am - October 1, 2014
its just about that time of the year.... austral summer approaches. pretty soon alpine monkeys from around the world will make the long migration to the small, vibrant town of el chaltén. they will flock to the soaring golden spires and spines that comprise the fitz roy and cerro torre massifs, and throw their souls at the wind sculpted lines and passages of their dreams. smokey asados, greasy empanadas, and sleeves of frutigran will fuel future missions. all the while hordes of dirtbags will gather and squint at meteograms during their morning maté at lucinda. waiting for the next window, and their shot at one of the legendary, storied peaks on the horizon. 
the quality of the climbing, the community, and the culture separate chaltén from other alpine climbing locales and help to create an energetic and welcoming atmosphere that keeps bringing us back year after year. regardless of the weather.....
so... scour the interwebs for cheap airfare, unearth your passports, patch your gear and pack your bags. 
nos vemos boludos! suerte!
all footage and production: tad mccrea

music: onda vaga, vaguisenial
special thanks to: seba at aylen aike, malu, terre and the crew at lucinda, and all my monkey friends that make the dream a reality.
in the spirt of chad kellogg. a patagonia legend***all footage taken over three months during the '13-'14 season with a canon sx260hs. (three clips shot with the sony nex6)
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