Hunting for Volcanoes to Ski in Northern Patagonia

Editors » 1pm - July 22, 2015
Brody Leven is on a 3,000-mile road trip through Patagonia with nothing but his van, his skis, his filmer Adam Clark, and a burning desire to ski whichever mountains strike his fancy.

This week Brody is in the Lakes District of Northern Patagonia hunting volcanoes. Even in the spring and summer the weather here on the border between Chile and Argentina can be volatile -- something Brody learns the hard way when he hits a snowstorm and has only one snow chain between his four tires. 

Despite the conditions and the stresses of life on the road, Brody pushes on and eventually finds some of the best lines he has ever skied on the sheer sides of the region's numerous, steaming volcanoes. He does, however, have to dodge an avalanche. Stay tuned next week for the descent into deep Patagonia. 

Director: Adam Clark
Producer: Adam Clark
Athletes: Brody Leven
Sports: Skiing

Hunting for Volcanoes to Ski in Northern Patagonia | Seasonally Confused with Brody Leven, Ep. 3

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