Brody Finds the Skiing of His Life Deep in Patagonia | Seasonally Confused with Brody Leven, Ep. 4

Editors » 2pm - July 22, 2015
After a string of good luck in the Lake District of Chilean Patgonia Brody hopes to ski under the iconic peak of Fitzroy next to El Chaltén. But first, he has to drive over 2000 kilometers of dirt roads and border crossings. After a quick pit-stop on a beautiful mountain pass for some skiing, a few hitch-hikers and days of beautiful landscapes, this road trip was becoming one of the best trip's of Brody's life. Then he actually gets to Fitzroy and things become even crazier.

Director: Adam Clark
Producer: Adam Clark
Athletes: Brody Leven
Sports: Skiing
Rating: 2.8 (628 Votes)

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