FUTALEUFU - a river calling

Editors » 1pm - December 31, 2015
“FUTALEUFU” is a project for a short film that shines a light on the Futaleufú River and is set to be shot still in 2015. The project was conceived from the desire to share not only the FUTA’s wonders with the world – one of the planet’s capitals for rafting, kayaking and fly fishing – but also to expose the menace that the construction of a dam in the river’s area represent to its rapids and its local community.
This is a sensitive, contemplative film that makes us wonder how the death of a river can leave so many orphans around it. In a first person narrative, the river itself tells the story of its particular relationship to native characters from the community of Futaleufu – who, here - are able to establish a dialogue with the waters. Through poetry and factual narrative we want to show viewers that the Futaleufu isn’t just an ordinary river – and how this small Patagonian town relies on its resources and ancient wealth to survive.
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