Editors » 3pm - June 11, 2016
Dedicated to Ian Flanders, Blue Skies Friend, Blue Skies
@Camp4 Collective party time
Music by Slayer
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Courtesy Def Jam / Universal Records Copyright 1989
Song "Behind the Crooked Cross" from the 1989 Album South of Heaven
Directed and kind of edited by Anson Fogel
Edited and kind of directed by Kevin Bennett
Bikers Tyson Swasey and Joey Schusler
BASE Jumps by Ian Flanders and Matt Blank
Shot by Pat Fenelon, Anson, Kevin and Joey S 
RC Heli by Nick WOlcott
Sound and Hauling Ass in Trucks by Jim Hurst
Carrying HEavy Shit by Corrie Spruill
BLM handling by Arlene Campbell and the Moab BLM Office
Bike Cam riggin by Dan Cartwright
BASE rigging by Marty Jones
1st AC Max Santusanio
BASE testing help by Sean Chuma
Thumbnail photo by Joey Schusler
Bikes by Yeti Cycles
Boobs by Anonymous
Beer by Coors Heavy
BASE rigs by Apex Base
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