The Last Colonizer

Editors » 6pm - June 29, 2016
We recently traveled three days on horseback through Patagonia to tell the story of Gaucho Heraldo Riel for DJI World.
To be a gaucho means to be honest and kind to all living creatures. Now in his seventies, Heraldo Riel became a gaucho at the age of nine just like his father before him, and has stayed true to the spirit of his profession while in the midst of a rapidly changing world. This is a story about being connected to nature and oneself, set in the stunning landscape of Patagonia, Chile, made even more intensely beautiful through the meditation that solitude brings.
Go behind the scenes with DJI and Foster Visuals as they adventure three days to get to Mr. Riel:
Learn more about the experience through an interview with DJI here:
Captured with a combination of DJI Osmo, Ronin and Inspire 1 Raw.
Client: DJI World 
Brent Foster: Creative Director/Filmmaker/Editor 
Pawel Dwulit: Filmmaker 
Preston Kanak: Filmmaker/Editor
Peter Schnobb: Colorist 
Defacto Sound: Sound Design 
Fixer: Chile Fixer, Max Cruz 
Translation: Angela Vergara
Graphics: Jason King 
Music: Tony Anderson/The Music Bed
Special Thanks:
Mr. Heraldo Riel 
Mauricio Arratia Torres 
Diego Arratia Lagos
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