Rio Bio Bio - 1985 - 1996

Editors » 10pm - August 17, 2017
Early photos and video of my time kayaking, rafting and leading trips on the Rio Bio Bio in Chile. Included are photos from my first trip in 1985 and video from later years until dam construction in 1995. At one time, the Bio Bio was worlds most famous expedition rafting destination. Now, most of it most famous rapids and canyons lay underneath hundreds of feet of water due to 2 dams. Photos and video includes myself, Billy "Superstar" Richards, Payson Kennedy, Chris Spelius, Mike Hipsher, Kent Ford, Eric Nies, KB Medford, Ciro Pena, Robert Dye, Tom Blue, Shane Benedict, Bob Beazley, Taz Riggs, Kelly Fischer, Bob Powell and I'm sure there are a few others featured. Big thanks to Ciro for use of his photos.
It's sad to see a river of such significance lost.
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