Torres del Paine Legacy Fund - Protecting the 'World's Eighth Wonder'

Editors » 9pm - June 7, 2018
Torres del Paine Legacy Fund is a local organisation working to preserve and protect the natural environment of Torres del Paine National Park and its neighbouring regions in the far South of Chilean Patagonia. They seek to make the National Park a world-class destination where visitors work in parallel with residents to promote lasting conservation of natural and cultural assets through travel and tourism. Importantly, they aim to enhance not only the visitors experience, but also that of the local community that calls the region home. Their projects focus upon the restoration of infrastructure and the local ecosystem, as well as promoting community development and responsible tourism in the regions surrounding Torres del Paine. Learn more about Torres del Paine Legacy Fund at - This film was produced by Project Eudaimonia, an organisation supporting grassroots NGOs around the world. Learn more at Music from epidemic sound (
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