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Instituto Vertical Estudia lo que te gustaría hacer todo toda tu vida Estudia nuestras carreras profesionales de 9 semestres en el área de Ecoturismo o Deporte Aventura, o carreras técnicas de 5 semestres en Turismo o Deporte Aventura.

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Interview: Chile President Piñera Speaks to Patagon Jou...

  The center-right government of new Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is nearing its first major environmental decision: whether to approve HidroAysén, a controversial US$ 7 billion project to build five hydroelectric dams on two rivers in Chile ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 16 - Patagonian Ice Fields

  Patagonia still includes areas that are very much a last frontier for explorers, and none more than the several hundred glaciers that encompass the vast Patagonian Ice Fields. In this edition, we include three stories about three generation ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 2 is out!

  FEATURES ARTICULOS   The comforting silence of Torres del Paine El reconfortante silencio de Torres del Paine The cold and silence feel eternal during this park’s unknown winter. El frío y el silencio son eternos durante el desconocido inv ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 3

  Some things take more time to ripen, we're pleased to present you Issue 3 of Patagon Journal, which we think was well worth the wait. In this special fly fishing edition, veteran fly fisherman Rodrigo Sandoval tells us how to capture some of the ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Interview: Fly Fishing Show co-director Ben Furimsky

When we were planning the current issue’s special section on fly fishing in Patagonia, we looked around for the best places to distribute the magazine and we could surely find no place better than the Fly Fishing Show. Started more than two decades ago ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 4 – Saving Futaleufu

This issue of Patagon Journal features an in-depth cover story about gold mining, hydroelectric dams, and other threats to the future of one of the world’s greatest whitewater rafting and kayaking destinations, the Futaleufu River in Chilean Patagonia. Ou ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 5 - Private Parks on the Rise

Our fifth issue features a cover story on the rise of private parks in Patagonia; a photo essay from one of Chile's longtime photographer legends, Pablo Valenzuela; a special travel section on Chile's Lake District including stories from veteran guidebook ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 6 – The Giants of Patagonia

    Father Alberto de Agostini, the Salesian priest who during the first half of the 19th century wrote 22 books about his explorations in the Patagonian Andes, put it most eloquently when describing this region’s mountains: “Hundreds of p ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Instagram Contest - Mountains and Mountain Life

    Patagon Journal invites you to participate in a special Instagram-only contest. Show us your best images of mountains and mountaln life. These photos could be simple portraits of mountains, or skiing, climbing, trekking, and other activi ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 7 - The Photographic Issue

At Patagon Journal, we are thrilled to present you with our new edition, “The Photographic Issue.” About two-thirds of this edition is jam-packed with incredible photo stories, and it is without doubt our most beautiful magazine yet. In particular, four ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 8 - Tracking Whales

    Welcome to Issue 8, which features on its cover the great blue whale, the largest mammal to ever grace our planet Earth. This endangered species is increasingly sited off the coast of Chilean Patagonia, and our cover story highlight ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 9 - Adventure Travel Issue

    Presenting the Adventure Travel Issue, a special, 100-page edition we have published in part for the Adventure Travel World Summit this week in Puerto Varas, Chile.  For the cover story on the 25 best adventure t ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 10 - Special Tribute to Douglas Tompkins

     For this edition of Patagon Journal, the sad news in December that a kayak accident took the life of conservationist Douglas Tompkins prompted a necessary change in our plans. Tompkins has saved more of Patagonia’s wild places ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 11 - Climate Change in Patagonia

    Increasing research in the Patagonia region appears to show that climate change has already arrived: are we about to expedite devastating changes to Patagonia’s natural treasures? Its one of the questions we examine in this edition of Pa ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 12 - Rivers of Chile

    Our special section on threatened rivers in this new edition of Patagon Journal includes articles from leading river advocates in Chile and internationally, and it comes at an opportune time. In August, the Endesa ene ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 14 - Defining Patagonia

  Patagonia means many different things depending on who you talk to, as we outline in the cover story for Issue 14. For sure, Patagonia is the name popularly associated with southern Chile and Argentina, but as geographer and travel writer Wayne ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 15 - Protecting the Ocean

  In Issue 15 of Patagon Journal about two-thirds of the 104 pages contain diverse articles about marine conservation. Award-winning journalist David Helvarg writes about the fate of the world's coral reefs. Daniel Casad ...

Category:Patagon Unbound

Issue 17 - In the Footsteps of the Puma

The puma is the apex predator - the king - of Patagonian wilderness. Still, overgrazing and hunting nearly wiped out this majestic feline from most of its native habitat across the region. Now, over the past three decades, like the mountain lions of N ...

Category:Patagon Unbound


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