Paseo Doña Ema Local 68, Puerto Varas, Chile

Tafkarh Fishing & Hunting store ¿Eres amante de la pesca o caza? ¡Encuentra lo que necesitas, y asesórate de la mejor manera en TAFKARH!

Telephone+56 9 8260 3594

Tres Piedras


Tres Piedras We are experts in fly fishing, and have extensive experience and knowledge of the Chilean Patagonia.   To satisfy the most common and popular needs we have arranged four different kind of fishing packages, ranging from day trips to trips lasting up ...


Teski Refugio Volcan Osorno

Volcán Osorno km 12, Ensenada, Los Lagos, Chile

Teski Refugio Volcan Osorno Refugio de Montaña Volcán Osorno, contamos con restaurant, cafeteria, alojamiento, hot tubs y senderos para trekking.

Telephone(65) 256 6622

Tequirque Travel & Adventure

Parcela 21 sitio 17, San Ramón, La Serena, Chile

Tequirque Travel & Adventure Tequirque es un tour operador chileno con base en La Serena que se enfoca en llevar acabo experiencias y viajes de turismo responsable para pequeños grupos. Creemos en los principios de comercio justo, No Deje Rastro y el derecho a pasarlo bien.   ...


Torres del Paine on fire (update)

  Update, 1/02/2012 - Unlike the above photo shot by Francisco Negroni during better times, the smoke has not yet cleared in Torres del Paine National Park. But government officials say the fire begun last Tuesday evening has been contained. The l ...

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Tuiteros difunden imágenes de las protestas en Aysén

[La versión original de este artículo se publicó primero en La Opiñón, un diario ciudadano de la red Mi Voz]   Un movimiento social que exige mejor calidad de vida y costos más bajos ha tomado fuerza en la región de Aysén, en la Patagonia ...

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The Mapuche I know

    I have had the privilege of meeting many Mapuches. Some in rural communities and others in urban zones; some who are vocal about being Mapuche and others who keep their voices low about it. My role as a foreign journalist living in Chile ...

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The biggest lure: An interview with Rodrigo Sandoval (v...

  Our cover story in the current issue, “In Search of Patagonia Trophy Trout,” was written and photographed by Rodrigo Sandoval.  A Chilean, Rodrigo is a civil engineer, and a frequent writer, columnist and nature photographer for several natio ...

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Trans Andes Challenge

  Billed as “the epic mountain bike race in Patagonia,” over six days in January riders in the Trans Andes Challenge push their way up hills, speed down mountains and otherwise struggle their way between Huilo Huilo and Pucón in southern Chile. “T ...

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Tierra de Patagones: New video from Gauchos del Mar

           The Argentine brothers Joaquín and Julián Azulay in July 2010 left Los Angeles, California, in a truck with two surfboards and just $1500 in their pocket. Some 403 days later they had surfed all over the America ...

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The legacy of Douglas Tompkins

Editors Note: A year ago today, Douglas Tompkins passed away in a kayaking accident in the Aysen region of Chile near the future Patagonia National Park. In remembrance, the following is excerpted from our special tribute to Tompkins in Issue 10 of Pata ...

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Take the UCLA survey!

  This magazine was founded in 2011 during an era of HidroAysen and big hydroelectric dam threats to what was, at that time, a mostly undervalued Patagonia region for Chile and Argentina. Our mission since has served as a response: build a greater ...

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The Solar-Powered Traveler

Someone once asked me, “Have you figured out if there’s a way to travel around the world without ever plugging into a wall socket? With/without a laptop?” The second part of that question is the tricky part, but the first part is now no ...

Trekking in Cochamo Valley

A few weeks ago I headed out for a solo trek through Cochamo Valley. Only a few hours from Puerto Varas, it has been hailed as the new Yosemite, a climber's mecca perched above a damp, dark rainforest alongside the Cochamo River, whose hues range from cle ...

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The next phase in HidroAysen's environmental review has...

HidroAysén – the company proposing a massive hydroelectric scheme in Chile’s Patagonia – began the next phase of its environmental impact review by submitting replies to the 1,114 criticisms that state agencies filed about its environmental impa ...

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Testimonio de una mujer aysenina

  Magdalena Rosas - Hoy es domingo 26 de febrero, son las 14:25 de la tarde. Lo que voy a tratar de escribir es un testimonio de lo que vi ayer en Aysen, voy a tratar de describir la fuerza pero también el dolor, la paz, pero tambié ...

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Turismo en Aysén, respetando y no imponiendo

  Uno de los puntos fundamentales para el desarrollo de Aysén, ha sido desde siempre su belleza escénica y la calidad ambiental que posee, que va en relación directa con nuestra cultura y forma de hacer. Haciendo del territorio algo especial, muy ...

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The value of the beauty of Aysen

  What better topic than to start the year writing about beauty? No small issue, for sure it requires more than a simple column.    Beauty is commonly defined as the characteristic of a thing that through a sensory experience s ...

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Twilight on the Santa Cruz River

  Argentine Patagonia's most endangered river Text and photos by Michael Gaige Editors Note: The following is from Issue 8     At dawn, a rare moment without wind on the Patagonian steppe allows me to hear the birds and th ...

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