Photo Essay: Lago Puelo

Located just south of the town of El Bolson in Argentine Patagonia is Lake Puelo. Situated inside Lago Puelo National Park, its fed by four rivers and it feeds a fifth, Chile´s increasingly popular Puelo River. The park was formed in 1971 and houses in addition to this tremendous lake an especially unique forest ecosystem, the transition zone between the Valdivian rainforest predominant to southern Chile and the Patagonian-Andean forest. Here, there is unique flora found nowhere else. Fauna include the world´s smallest deer, the pudu, and Chile´s emblematic species, another deer, the huemul.  
Patricia Sprignuoli, an Argentine architect and photographer from Buenos Aires and now a resident of Lake Puelo, shares with us here some photos of the park. You" target="_blank">">You can see more of her photography at her blog, Patagonia - My Place in the World. 





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