Position of NGO's on the construction of 2 dams on the Santa Cruz River





The national government of Argentina promotes the construction of two hydroelectric dams (Nestor Kirchner and Jorge Cepernic) which would irreversibly affect an irreplaceable part of our geography, the great Santa Cruz River; the last glacial river that runs free from the mountains to the sea.

It is the river that Charles Darwin and Perito Moreno explored. An incredible place that hosts biological, geological and archaeological wealth still to be discovered.  A river that carries key nutrients for marine biodiversity and whose function for the rich marine fauna we know very little. In addition, among other things, it generates sustainable employment for the local tourism industry.
Two dams will destroy not only this unique river but, in particular, the reservoir of the Néstor Kirchner dam will generate, at the least, serious concerns over its impact on the dynamics of the Perito Moreno, Upsala and Spegazzini glaciers, enshrined as patrimony of the humanity by the United Nations (UNESCO).
Without an independent environmental impact study, and prior to approval of and start of construction, without a public hearing and without considering alternatives with real energy prospects, they are violating the General Law on the Environment, (25,675), the Law of Glaciers Protection (26.639) and the National Parks Act (22.351).
In symbolic terms, we are faced with an extremely significant impact, Los Glaciares National Park is a global conservation icon and our greatest natural jewel along with Iguazu Falls.
Given the gravity of the situation we are calling on the authorities to stop this project until they can ensure strict compliance with Argentine environmental laws. 
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