81,525 reasons to watch this video

By Patricio Segura
The video was launched a month ago via Facebook and it already has more than 80 thousand views. To be more specific, at the moment it has 81,525 views, a great success for a video project like this according to the Santiago-based environmental group Chile Sustentable.
Entitled “For a reform to get back the water for the common good,” the video is part of a citizens environmental campaign called “Which side are you on?” It informs and alerts about the implications and developments about proposed laws currently under discussion in Chile’s Congress about reforms to the nation’s water code, a glacier protection law, new institutions for managing rural water systems, and an electric transmission law.
Launched in 2105, the campaign is a way of generating debate about how we interact with our nature, land and communities. Up until now they have launched two videos about glaciers, one about the water code reforms and another one about the new electric transmission system. The chosen format is analog story telling.
The goal is to provide information to common citizens about the regulation frameworks in all these areas and their impact on Chilean daily life.
In the upcoming days another video will be released about Chile’s extractive economic model, which harms the land, transforming many areas into so-called “sacrifice zones.” It is an unfair and unsustainable system where a few win, and the great majority lose.
The video highlights that if the citizens are well-informed and empowered, they can demand their politicians enact fair and sustainable regulations that ensure a better future for present and future generations.
The water code reforms are now at a voting stage in the Agriculture Commission of the lower house in Chile’s Congress, after recently being approved by the chamber’s Hydric Resources Commission. This week the debate will go on and the vote on Article 6 –which regulates the jurisdictional status of water usage rights– will take place.
See the video below:

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